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Another "gotcha" in latest PSA release (

I've been finding a few things whilst working through the latest release and the latest "gotcha' i've found is around the introduction of Unit, Unit Group, Price and Quantity to the Expense. By default these fields are mandatory on the Expense form. Typically many organisations may assign their users just the Project Resource Security Role (or a customised copy) as they want them to be able to fill in Timesheets, add Expenses and do a few other PSA related things. Before the recent update that wouldn't have been a problem and users could have filled in Expenses without issue using just the Project Resource role however whilst adding in the Unit, Unit Group etc. to the Expense it appears that the required change to the security role has been missed meaning that by default, if your resources are using the "out of the box" Project Resource Role or a cut-down copy of it, they may very well no longer be able to add expenses records as of

To illustrate, the screen below shows me logged in with the just the Project Resource Role and as you can see i cannot select any Unit Groups and therefore cannot add the expense.

Compare that with a user logged in as Administrator, and there are no issues, in fact, the Unit and Unit Group get defaulted when the Expense Category is selected.

Thankfully there's an easy fix, you just need to go and update the Security Roles. As Unit and Unit Groups don't have their own permissions with the Security Role structure, you need to set them on Product instead and I suggest the minimum you will need is Read, Append and Append To.

Once added, the user will then be able to select Unit and Unit Groups although it still will not default them on entering the Expense Category as it does for Administrator. In order to get the defaulting working as well you need to also add a "read" permission on Organization Unit.

In my examples i have made the changes directly on the "Project Resource" security role but it will depend on how you environment is setup as to the changes (if any) you may need to make.

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