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Currency overwrite bug in Project Service Expenses

I believe I have uncovered an interesting bug in Project Service Expenses today which occurs in the latest v3 release, , though I am not sure when it was introduced. It could impact your resources or your client's resources if they record expenses in a currency other than the default Project currency with which the expense is associated.

The PSA team have added some JavaScript processing in light of the addition of the Unit, Unit Group, Price and Quantity to the Expense form to default in a number of fields including Unit, Unit Group and Currency when a Project and Expense Category are selected.

In the example below i'm creating an Expense for a Pound Sterling project but as it was on a trip to the US i'm claiming the amount in US dollars.

Project Definition

Expense Entry

1. The Unit Group and Unit were defaulted when the Expense Category was entered.

2. I changed the Currency (which is set when the form is loaded and project/expense category updated) from Pound Sterling to US Dollar.

I then saved the expense.

Expense Update

When you go back into the Expense e.g to add a receipt, after creation, the currency magically changes back to the Project currency of Pound Sterling at the end of the form load which can then easily accidentally be saved without even noticing (or auto-saved!).

Interim Potential Resolution

The way to stop this is to disable the JavaScript function in the "OnLoad" event processing but this also has a knock-on effect in that the defaulting of Unit, Unit Group etc. does not happen when the Expense Category is modified on the form.

NOTE: there are also a number of other "on change" events in the Expenses form which trigger msdyn.CategoryDefaulting functions which may also be impacted by this.

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