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Field Service Settings - RMA & RTV

Updated: May 13, 2018

The field service settings for RMA and RTV are basic in that they control the unique numbering prefix and start sequence number for RMA and RVT records.

Field Service Settings - RMA & RTV

What is RMA and RTV?

RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization

RTV - Return to Vendor

An RMA should be created in Field Service when a product is returned. There are three ways of returning a product: return to warehouse, RTV, or change equipment ownership.

All product returns should begin with an RMA. The RMA is associated to the product, unit, quantity, related work order, price list for the return and the type of return.

A return is not finalised until an RMA receipt is created. The RMA receipt confirms that the correct product and quantity are received, as well as the date and person handling the receipt.

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