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PSA v3 Upgrade - Deprecated Attributes

This blog post is not technical but may be of use to anyone who is in the process of, or will shortly be going through, upgrading their Dynamics 365 PSA environments to v3. In short, the Microsoft PSA development team have deprecated a fair number of attributes in the v3 release, some of these deprecations were done to replace the old GUID string attributes with proper lookup entity references e.g. the old Quote Line GUID string held on Quote Line Detail has been replaced by a proper lookup to Quote Line.

Whilst i'm glad that they've finally addressed the issue of storing GUID strings rather than entity references, which severely hampered querying the data efficiently in some cases, it has had a knock-on effect on a number of areas where we had developed customisations (in JavaScript or C#) based on these GUID strings because they are no longer populated in PSA v3 and this would also cause issues where any reports (Power BI or otherwise) had been built off these deprecated fields.

In light of this you may need to revisit any customisations or reports which may be impacted by these changes and decide on the best way forward, which may involve writing a script to update any open/active records which use the old GUID strings to now use the lookups depending on the approach you wish to take.

To aid in this process i built a query to extract all the deprecated fields in PSA based on the "deprecated" string in the display name and thought it might be useful to share this list for anyone who may be going through the same process. Note, some of these may have been deprecated in prior releases but most of them are related to v3.0 even if it sometimes it doesn't explicitly state it.

Hope this helps anyone who is going through the update process. Good luck!

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