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Re-using Flow components got a whole lot easier, "Copy & Paste" in Preview for Microsoft Flow.

Sometimes it's the simple features that result in a big change in productivity and I think the addition of the "copy & paste" feature currently in preview in Flow is going to be one of those! I've often been frustrated that there was no way to re-use one or more steps in a Flow which just needed certain elements tweaked or the ability to copy one block of steps from one Flow to another, well now I can, and it's going to be a real time saver.

This simple example just shows how I have created a Condition action where if the "Annual Dinner Fees" flag is set to true then a record should be created in the CDS using the Create a new record action.

I now need to perform a similar test for other flags including a "Lectures" flag which previously would have meant re-creating the Condition and the Create a new record action. However now I can just use the Copy & Paste functionality to use the previous condition as a template, copy it and then just update the applicable fields.

First click on the ellipsis menu of the action you wish to copy, in this case the Condition - Annual Dinner Fees and select "Copy to my clipboard (Preview)" option

Then select "Add an action" in the If no condition, choose "My clipboard" and select the appropriate item, in this case, the Condition - Annual Dinner Fees I copied previously.

Et voila, the condition and the actions are copied and re-named appropriately e.g. with a 2 on the end if this is the first copy. At which point you can then go in and change the condition to use the "Lectures" flag etc.

I really love this feature and although it still has a few glitches it has proved a real time-saver in many cases already. For instance, if you have created Flows outside of a Solution and now want to include them in a Solution, previously there was no real option other than to create the Flow and all the actions from scratch which could be very time consuming but now it's relatively quick & easy using the "copy & paste" feature.

If you use Scopes in your Flow then this easily allows you to copy a particular process and all it's components with 3 clicks. It also works between browser windows which allows you to have Flows side-by-side in 2 separate windows and copy the detail from one to another.

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