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Schedule Board Filters

Updated: May 13, 2018

As standard, the schedule board ships with the ability to filter by:




-Organization Units

-Resource Types

-Teams Business Units

What happens if you need more filters and want to search against additional parameters? For example, a common request we get is to be able to filter by Department or Location.

For this exercise, I have added a new custom lookup to 'Bookable Resource Booking' entity to a custom entity 'Department'.

The following outlines how to create a new filter criterion on the schedule board.

1. If you want to makes changes to all schedule boards, choose to open the default schedule board. If making a change to just one tab, select to edit the specific tab by double clicking or create a new tab.

2. Scroll down to Other Settings

3. To add new information to the resource cell template, you will need to modify filter layout and retrieve resource query.

Select setting cog on Filter Layout.

4. This will open the standard query provided my Microsoft. Do not edit the Default query direct; do a Save As before beginning to edit.

5. Add filter to the XML. I did this by copy and pasting the XML tag control before and editing the Key, label ID and entity.

<control type="combo" source="entity" key="Department" label-id="Department" inactive-state="1" entity="ebecs_department" multi="true" />

6. The next step is to modify the Retrieve Resource Query.

7. Remember Save As and do not override the default query.

Here is the xml for the update we did. However, once again, I copied the XML statement of another filter and made updates.

<!--Departments filter -->

<condition ufx:if="$input/Departments/bag" attribute="ebecs_department" operator="in">

<ufx:apply select="$input/Departments/bag">


<ufx:value select="@ufx-id" />




The image below highlights Filter Layout and Retrieve Resource Query changes in the Tab Settings.

Now when I open the schedule board I have a new filter available.


These XML query changes are recorded in a 'Configuration' entity.

This means they can be exported and imported for deployment in different environments. However, the schedule board tabs cannot be included in a Solution file. This means these tab settings will need to be manually set up per environment.

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