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Schedule Board Views

Updated: May 13, 2018

We have all been using Views in Customer Engagement/CRM for many years to meet customer requirements. Views are still just as powerful in the Schedule Board. A typical request we receive is for schedulers to be alerted to high priority bookings or bookings that have passed their SLA or time window.

A typical way we achieve this is to create views on the bottom schedule board panel for Schedulers to monitor.

Schedule Board

These views can be configured off the Resource Requirement entity, no matter what entity is being scheduled, as all entities indicated for Resource Scheduling create a Resource Requirement record for scheduling.

Resource Requirement Views

For this example, I created a P1 Work Orders view and a View for my Opportunity entity (which I enabled for scheduling in a previous post, Create a new scheduling entity). Once these views are created and published, I need to update my schedule board settings.

Open the Schedule Board and go to Tab Settings for the Tab where you want the views to change.

Tab settings

I always check Hide the default requirements panels and add my own Views, giving it an appropriate title. Add views by selecting the + sign after selecting from the View drop-down list.

In the image below, you can see I have my new views available.

Schedule Board - New Views

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