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Setup of Field Service - Field Service Settings - Work Order /Booking

Updated: May 13, 2018

Before starting a Field Service project, I personally believe you need to understand how it works as standard and what the reference data behind the scenes is actually doing.

Field Service Administration

In this series of blogs, I am going to run through each of these elements and explain how you can set up these features, relating back to possible business scenarios and how it impacts the Field Service process.

Microsoft has provided much of this information in their docs for Field Service (this link is a good reference). However, rather than just stating what a field does, I have tried to give details of how this relates back to the functionality of the system.

Let's get started with Field Service Settings - Work Order /Booking.

Field Service Settings - Work Order /Booking

1. Work Order Prefix

Allows you to prefix all Work Order IDs created with your business's preferred prefix. This is a global setting for all work orders created. It does not support changing the work order ID prefix per customer or work order type. You would need to do something custom to support this.

2. Work Order String Number

Start number for all work orders created. If migrating data from an old system, 10000 IDs might already be used as an example.

3. Default Work Order Completed Status

This setting is key. If you want the system to be immediately invoicing off Work Orders on completion, you will set the Default Work Order Completed status = Closed - Posted. If you are not invoicing off work orders on completion (perhaps instead rolling up a number of work orders to a Case, billing in another system or the work order goes under review first before invoicing) this status will equal Open - Completed.

Work Order Completed Status

4. Work Order Invoice Creation

If in Default Work order completed status you selected Closed - Posted, and you want invoices created off work order, this field needs to equal On Work Order Posted. Setting this field to 'On Work Order Posted' will run a plugin to automatically create an Invoice off the work order with invoice line items off the Work Order Products and Services.

Work Order Invoice Creation Options

5. Travel Charge Item

This setting allows for you to select which product is used in the system for travel charges for a work order. The account record allows you to indicate if a Travel Charge is applied. The journal against a booking can track the travel time, and the system will automatically create a work order service with the duration of the journal for the travel.

6. Default Warehouse

Populating this field will default the warehouse the work order products will be taken from, unless otherwise specified. If managing van stock linked to a resource, typically the resources warehouse is associated to the work order product rather than the default warehouse.

7. Resource Pay Type

This feature allows for different pay types to be calculated based on the timestamp labor cost on booking journals when the booking is marked as complete.

Hourly Markup field is applied to the hourly rate amount specified on the bookable resource record.

Resource Pay Type

Typically Resource Pay for Work Pay Type would be 100% and overtime as an example could be 150%.

Hourly Markup

Overtime is worked out by Bookable Resources calendar. Looking at Abby's resource calendar below, if Abby completed a booking from 16:30 - 17:30, then 30 min would be recorded in the journal with a started rate cost and 30 with an overtime cost with a 150% markup.

Bookable Resource Work Hours

Below is an example of data produced against the Bookable Resource Booking > Booking Journal.

Booking Journal

The Journal tracks that the job split the resources work calendar and only 6 minutes of the job was completed under the Normal Working Hours charge and 40 min under Overtime. Above we set up our overtime as a 150% hourly markup.

Below is a screen shot of the Bookable Resources Hourly Rate of £50, so you can check the maths if you like!

Bookable Resource Hourly Rate

Check out the next blog on RMA & RTV settings

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